Mon – Fri: 5:30a


Embrace the present moment through standing breathing exercises. Train your mind to induce a mode of consciousness to reach inner peace. Find new agility of body and mind, willpower, confidence and energy.  Activate your powers. 

Instructor  - Dr. Ché Leon C Corbin




Mon – Sun:   6:30 - 7:30 a


Faster pace, flowing and aerobic. Promotes deep and even breathing. Trains the body to move with poise, balance and flow. Meditation in movement, yet a practical martial art.

Instructor - Dr. Ché Leon C Corbin 




Tue – Thu: 5p


Fast paced, aerobic, swift and graceful. Suitable for the young and the young at heart, wushu includes fast paced Chinese martial arts rhythms and forms with focus on alignment, relaxation and speed. 

Instructor - Barbados Wushu Sanshou Association (BWSA)   Chief Coach 



  Sun: 4:30p


Learn to stretch from head to toe in alignment and with balance . Muscle toning and stress relieving .

Instructor - Dr. Ché Corbin or a BWSA Instructor.



Mon ,Wed: 5p


Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises.

Instructor - Dr. Ché Corbin or BWSA Instructor.