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TCM Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment. Custom therapy for your needs. 

Includes: TCM health culture advice, Acupuncture, massage, fire cupping, dietary advice, exercise instruction. 

Practitioner: Dr. Ché Leon C Corbin - Seven years training including study and practice at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1st TCM university in P. R. China), Jiangsu Provincial Chinese Medicine hospital, Nanjing City Chinese Medicine Hospital, Qinghuai District TCM Hospital, Suzhou City Chinese Medicine Hospital.   Barbados Ministry of Health registered. 

Pain relief, back pains, neck pains, joint pains of all sorts, muscular pain, shoulder tension, arthritis pains, post stroke syndrome, amenorrhea, detox, weight-loss, rehab, recovery and immune building. Don't hesitate to enquire what can be done for you. 

Just need to unwind? Recommended "release- the-tension" acupuncture de-stress for the end of a day or beginning of a vacation. 




Mon – Sun: 

9a - 7p


Your choice of relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, 100% African Shea butter skin tonic massage, Barbados Aloe Vera burn relief therapy.

Practitioner: TCM Barbados recommended, male and female masseuse available.